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long time no update but nothing to worry about, just a username change for personal reasons...
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.. how to fit another dozen or so hours into the day? Because I could really use them right about now! Between work, keeping up with sparkly pop idols in three different languages, attempts at studying, plot bunnies, and darkspawn killing, I seem to be running a little short on time... But I figured I'm overdue for my next highly infrequent post so here I am orz

However, I have been slightly productive today :) No studying ^^; but have finally caught up on feedback for everything I've bought over the internet recently, as well as rewatching Suju's "Attack on the Pin Up Boys" - yes, it's trashy, but I still love it! And since the last time I watched it I was on a plane on my way to Japan, I was definitely overdue for a rewatch... Also the reason for the ShiWook icon ;)

On the less productive side but more stressful side, 1and1 are being awkward with my webhosting, and some of their admin console has been down yesterday and today so I can't do much about it at the moment - trying not to think about it too much or I'll get stressed again.

Don't think I ever posted about it but I passed my first three Open University modules :) Really should get caught up with the current two though, and make a decision about whether to sign up for just the one I always intended to start in October, or whether I can handle a second one too ^^;

Oh, also never posted: I took an overnight trip to Paris for the SMTown concert this month! Still can't believe I actually got to see TVXQ/SuJu/SHINee/SNSD/f(x), even if I was really annoyed that Mimi and Henry weren't there >:( Some of my highlights:
- the screaming for Amber was amazing
- TVXQ were as epic as you could hope for
- Siwon stripped... new icon to follow ;-)
- loved Lady Heehee and the 'Single Ladies'
- ohmygod Taemin
- 'A Man in Love' & 'Sorry' live = also epic
- actually hearing Yesung/Sungmin/Ryeowook/Kyuhyun/Luna/Onew/Changmin singing live
- Onew the opera singer!
- everything about SHINee!
- Victoria is beautiful live - and pretty much the only one of the girls old enough that I don't feel guilty for saying it!
- Super Junior!
- Goddess Hyoyeon = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ - I was the first one screaming for her in my area too, but everyone caught on soon enough ;-)
- yelling pabo at Jessica/Taeyeon during 'Gee' >:)
There's tons more and I have loads of photos/videos, but it's heading past my bedtime now ;)
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they're debuting? o.o

shaking, crying, soooooo happy for them (even if i still can't quite believe it)!!!!

it's been a long road but worth it.  mitsu, senchan, miyacchi, watta, gaya, tama & nika - おめでとう!!!!


Sep. 16th, 2010 07:54 pm
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I've just had a total Arashi moment on the way home: I'm driving down the road, Happiness playing rather loudly, and as I reach the beginning of the motorway what do I see? A rainbow directly above the sliproad on to the motorway! It must be the magical power of Arashi causing rainbows to appear :D

Unfortunately, once I was on the motorway, I realised that my Arashi moment must have been Aiba-tinged - the traffic was crawling along practically at a standstill! Still, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, especially since it was actually the first time I'd been stuck in traffic on a motorway (disclaimer: I rarely use the motorway so this isn't quite as unusual as it might seem orz)!

So many things to do now, where should I start...

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It's true! It's actually true!!

As of episode 4 of Nino's new drama, "Freeter, Ie wo Kau", Watta will be appearing!!! His first drama role, his first work outside of Kisumai - I'm so excited I'm going to be abusing exclamation marks all day!!!!!! And it looks like (Kanjani8's) Maru will also be appearing, which is an added bonus!

I hope that something's announced soon for Nika too - there are apparently some rumours floating around but no one'll even say what the rumours are until it's confirmed and I haven't had time to try and search to find the original (I assume Japanese) posts to see for myself.

I'm glad to get some good news this morning too, considering I acccidentally stayed up til past 3am last night playing the new Dragon Age DLC Witch Hunt, and that I'm still annoyed that, thanks to some errors at the shop I've been ordering Johnny's magazines from for over 3 years, it doesn't look hopeful that I'm going to get the September Wink Up with the Kisumai cover - doubly irritating considering I actually ordered 2 copies :(

Anyway, good news is :D


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The fact that not only are Watta & Nika not in the Shounentachi butai, but that Johnny's themselves didn't even feel it necessary to inform the fans at any point until the newspaper and tv reports show up on the opening day really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. And I'm used to seeing the pair of them (usually along with Miyacchi) get completely screwed over by the Jimusho but this might be the biggest time yet. I wonder whether these so-called "other jobs" will ever actually materialise or whether I should just give up and wait for the inevitable day when one or both of them will just give up and quit T__T

And to think I actually woke up in a good mood today orz

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Gosh I'm tired now... Put on a Morning Musume dvd whilst I was messing around and tidying up, and inevitably it ended up as a dance workout :) Which is probably good because there's only four months left until I get to be my friend's bridesmaid, but doesn't change the fact that I'm extremely tired now ^^;

Oh, and another unchangeable fact also from that dvd is that the Yossi/Eri Shabondama performance is completely and totally hot XD



Jul. 19th, 2010 07:15 pm
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PS I can't believe I haven't posted here in over six months - oops!


Jul. 19th, 2010 07:14 pm
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My megaupload premium account ran out over the weekend without warning me...

... I have no money to renew...

... I think I'm just going to go and sit in the corner and cry :(
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Admittedly a couple of days late, quite long, and mostly for my own benefit, so under a cut to save people's friends pages.

So 2009 finally finished... )

Oh, I've just seen the twitter wars that have erupted over After Elton's Gay Man of the Decade! Can't quite believe everyone who's got involved - talk about free publicity! Anyway, after a lot of consideration I've cast my vote too but looking forward to seeing who wins!

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Ohmygod Yesung! Performing Ring Ding Dong with Shinee on MuBank tomorrow since Jonghyun's stilll unwell! Oh wow! XD

Wait a sec... how are they going to work this? Because Yesung... and that dance routine... *giggles*

Ooh, I can't wait now XD

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Rewatching the Kisumai on MSte again last night, I realised something about Yokoo's recent ability to actually look at the correct camera (unlike on most Shokuras!) - he seems to have re-found the confidence he had during KKKity. Seriously, he's all smiling and looking at the camera and actually paying some attention to what's going on around him, which is something he hasn't really done for a while. No idea why it's taken him this long to get it back but it's great to see!

Quick recap of the week now:
- Work was terrible (Monday), horrible (Tue), just about bearable (Wed & Thur), and Friday good - since I'd booked it as holiday ages ago :)
- Health was average (Mon), non-stop coughing (Tue-Fri). Eventually went to the doctors on Friday and now have antibiotics, so I'm beginning to feel a little more human
- Desktop comp was 'fixed' on Monday - but it doesn't run as efficiently as it did before and it's much, much noiser than it used to be so I'm not impressed. Suspect it has something to do with them unnecessarily replacing the motherboard when the problem was the PSU...

I hate to admit it but my geekiness hit a new level today ^^; I've never really got into RPGs before, but after reading about Dragon Age Origins I've spent the afternoon playing the flash game Dragon Age Journeys and absolutely loving it *headdesk* Origins is out next Friday and I'm really tempted to preorder it - Game promise to have it delivered on the release date so I wouldn't even have to wait long for it... Oh god, I really am a total geek now!

I've spent the week stressing over my ideas for NaNoWriMo and finally decided to stick with the fanfiction version rather than original characters. I admit that most of this decision is because there's a chance people will actually read it if it's fanfiction, whereas I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to post it as original work. Of course, this is all dependent on it actually getting written in the first place ^^

Oh, I'm finally getting to use my new QMi♥ icon too :) I'd made it the night before the computer died, so of course it hadn't been backed up or anything and I've only been able to get at it again this week. Still not sure it's quite finished but it'll do for now ^^;

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The closer it gets to being tomorrow, when I have to go back to work again, the more nauseous I feel... I'm pretty sure my job shouldn't make me feel so worked up, especially not such a crappy, underpaid one as this is. Okay, think happy thoughts instead... no, not working T___T

Okay, happy thought change of subject time! I spent all day working on graphics for a new LJ layout - and then got distracted talking to my sister and showing her some of my holiday photos from last year's Japan trip that she hadn't seen, instead of actually coding the layout ^^;

Got a rather nice parcel in the post this weekend too - and spent far too much money on books in Borders as well... )

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I could cry right now, I really could. Second PC engineer came round today; he spent half an hour replacing the motherboard, pressed the on switch... and nothing happened. Resulting conversation went something like:

"Sorry, I'll have to order a PSU and book another visit."

"But the last engineer ordered one, you were supposed to bring it with today."

"Well I was only given a motherboard."

"But he ordered one."

"Well I wasn't given it."

"But-" *boom* my head explodes in frustration.

So a third engineer is coming round next Monday. Perhaps it's for the best that I can't get any more time off work and so won't be here to see it - I might accidentally batter the next one with the keyboard or something >.<

Oh and the best bit? I rang the service desk to complain and according to their records a motherboard and PSU was ordered and dispatched for todays visit. So where did the PSU end up? The complaint letter is now nearly two pages long in Word, and I suspect it'll be even longer after Monday...

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Engineer came out today to see to my computer: probably the PSU needs replacing. Unfortunately the idiot on the helpline incorrectly listed the problem as simply "no display" despite my telling him exactly what was wrong on the phone, so the engineer didn't have any parts with him. The result: parts ordered and another engineer visit booked for Friday >.<    Also, long complaint letter written regarding the appalling level of service from the helpdesk and the waste of both my time and that of the engineer today... hey, typing all those complaint letters for my boss has come in handy at last!

Also accomplished today: finally got around to typing my CV up again since the only digital copy I had of it was lost with my old computer. Just need to finish updating and polishing it now - as soon as I figure out exactly what my duties my current job actually entails o.O

Still no conclusion re nanowrimo, but have realised that if I'm going to write this with original characters, I've only got a week to get the character descriptions sorted out since I'm rather compulsive like that ^^;    Possibly should actually make that decision before spending time working out the characters though...

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Of the good: spending the past few days marathoning The Big Bang Theory season 2 - the perfect solution to having to deal with stupid people irl ;)

Of the bad: waking up to find out my desktop computer switched itself off overnight - and won't switch back on T___T Rang the trained chimpanzees helpline and have an engineer coming out tomorrow to look at it, but in the meantime I'm using my laptop, which is okay but just not quite the same :(

Of the undecided: whether or not to try NaNoWriMo this year? It's something I usually only remember the existence of too late to sign up but since I have a week or so to think about it this time... I don't know? I've got a general plot I've had in mind for a while now, but I haven't figured whether it would be better to keep it as a fanfic or to try with original characters yet either. And then my track record tends to imply I'm easily distracted but I did always work better with essays under pressure ^^;

Note to self: Super Junior "Reset", KAT-TUN "Rescue", BoA "永遠"..........

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I am probably definitely going to hell for this but wow... (thanks to [ profile] fxamberaday for sharing ♥)

Have seen a couple of clips from today's MuBank: Beast's debut stage showed some potential but mostly they just seem to be attempting to replace 2PM - not surprising but so far I much prefer 2PM as they're stupid, funny, excessively fail and basically just perfect, with the added bonus of optional JoKwon and Seulong bringing even more laughs XD. Truthfully, we only really watched it because all the existing K-boybands seem to be dropping like flies, so we thought we'd better give some of the new ones a chance! As for SHINee... I still haven't figured if I actually like the song, and some of the clothing choices were a little questionable, but hairstyle-wise they're looking stunning - except for Jonghyun's colour of course - and their performance was pretty slick. Weirdly enough, this is the first SHINee song my mum actually likes, whereas I've liked their previous singles but am not so impressed by this song yet o.o What we do agree on though is that Key, Onew and Minho are rocking their hairstyles this time round :D

As for Kisumai on MSte: whilst their opening costumes weren't great, they were much better than what they wore to perform in *headdesk* Really, what was that thing Tama had on his head?? And unfortunately Mitsu slipped (twice?) during the performance :( I thought the song was rather Hikaru Genji-like - not their best song, but catchy anyway, even if their slower stuff is where they excel (Ame, Smile, Inori & Brand New Season are some of their best songs IMO) - and on the plus side, they got a sit-down talk, everyone got decent close-ups (and amazingly they all managed to look at that camera at the right time - something Yokoo seems incapable of doing on Shokura!), their performance was really high tension and impressive with the ramps and skating acrobatics - especially the YoSuke + Nika part ;) - and overall they did actually pull it off in a rather already-debuted fashion. And if that sentence makes no sense due to it being ridiculously long and run-on, I'll claim it's entirely due to the fact I'm posting at 3am ^^;

Also, important note: I hate stupid people very much today. Whilst this obviously applies to Kangin right now, it also very much covers certain ignorant co-workers who would happily try to argue that black is white (and then get killed on the next zebra crossing... sorry, obligatory Hitchhiker's Guide quote ^^) despite all evidence to the contrary. I'm very glad to have next week booked off as holiday time, and it might also be a good oportunity to start looking for another job since this one has me so burned out right now >.<

Oh, important note #2: evil Kyu is evil and it's a good job poor Mimi loves him and knows the feeling is mutual :D

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Happy birthday to Kosshi, Bun, Yonehana & Takeuchi - the last one a little belated but hopefully the prettiness in my icon should make up for it ;)

I have to admit I completely forgot about Kosshi's birthday until my mum reminded me this morning and that's when we remembered the MAD/MADE birthday season began with Takeuchi's birthday last Friday; weirdly enough 9 out of the 22 MAD/MADE members have birthdays in October/November, not to mention Yonehana from MA and 2 of the KanJuu Veterans who used to be in Kansai MAD. Personally I suspect it's probably one of the random criteria Johnny uses when choosing which group to put a Jr in to - hey, it's no weirder that choosing group members by whether their initials can be turned into a random, nonsense word :D Either that or people born in October and November are generally better dancers... wait a sec, Donghae and Henry are October birthdays too, maybe there's something in this theory....... ^.^

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Only watched half of it so far but think I've seen all the important parts:

Kisumai's new song 雨 is ♥ but not as ♥ as Kei calling Yokoo "渉" during the Kisumai talk - I love that Kei, Yokoo & most likely Shige at least are all still friends from the KKKity days... actually, I love all KKKity member-ai, as you might be able to tell from my new icon!

Yara is totally S, Bun is from another planet and YamaRyo is so genki it makes even Mimi look miserable in comparison - and this is why I love Butoukan :D

Chibi-ABC is adorable and Goseki-sama does love laughing at Fumi, doesn't he :)

As an aside, much as I want the Kisumai to debut just as the seven of them, I still feel Johnny is wasting an opportunity to debut EbiKisuTokan (ie ABC-Z + Kis-My-Ft2 + Butoukan) and create a bigger boyband than even Super Junior, especially now that SuJu are down to 12(+2) - but that has even less chance of happening than a Kisumai debut.........

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The atmosphere at work is so thick you could practically cut it with a knife. Everyone's in a bad mood with everyone else for one reason or another >.<

Personally, I just want some good news because this week seems to be getting worse by the day T__T Today we have:
- the Dream Concert poster has had Jay photoshopped out of the 2PM pic already
- my least favourite (to put it politely) Soshi member seems to be appearing in the new SJ-M PV
- they've announced Tackey's butai for January '10 will have Kisumai appearing again, so any chance of a debut announcement before Febuary seems impossible (not that I have a whole lot of hope for one anyway...) despite Playzone and a zenkoku tour for them. And ABC are going to be performing in 3 different butai that month, depending on what day it is - that's overwork on an SME level at least!

The only nice thing today has been the new SJ-M promo pic with Mimi looking absolutely stunning - oh, and Yossi's new official profile pic too :D But if this week continues like this, I'm going to be too scared to even switch the computer on by the weekend!



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